February 22nd 2020

Today I got out of bed at 5pm. I woke up at 6am and then just napped for 11 straight hours. A combination of jetlag and a hangover meant I was not in a good way. I kept drifting off, and then waking up, and then drifting off, and then waking up. At 5pm, I figured it was probably about time to actually wake up and get out of bed.

That said, I’ve not actually left the house today. I need to go shopping because I’ve got no food in the house. Instead of shopping, I’ve stolen (with his permission, so it’s not really stealing) my flat mate’s Coco Pops, as well as some sausages. I should clarify that I had the Coco Pops and the sausages as two seperate meals, not as one. That would be weird.

Until tomorrow, it’s been a weird day, I might sleep again.


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