February 23rd 2020

Today I did my best to reintroduce a bit of health into my lifestyle by putting as many vegetables as I could think of into a Spaghetti Bolognese. And by that I mean the three vegetables that you are supposed to put into a bolognese: carrots, onions, and celery. And also a load of garlic, but that doesn’t really count.

You could call that ‘bare minimum’ I call it ‘more than I normally would’. I put in a lot of them in terms of quantity, too. Like, two whole carrots. I know right. I was going to put some red lentils in it too, but my Mum didn’t reply to my text saying ‘Mum, when do I put red lentils in a spag bol?’ so I was hopeless. It’s not like I had the entire summation of human knowledge sitting via an internet browser on the phone in my pocket, or anything.

Nonetheless, I got to practice fine chopping and knifework, and I got some much needed veg in me. And, I didn’t have a single beer.

Until tomorrow, I feel healthy already.


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