February 27th 2020

Today I ran for the third consecutive day for the first time in a long time. Since June 2019, actually, I just checked. I’ve done the exact same route three times, with three different groups, at three different speeds, and I’ve come out of it feeling okay. I was pleasantly surprised that I could still keep up with the fast group even after all this time. And I was also glad to have made it out today, even if the pace was a bit slower, considering that when I woke up this morning it was snowing.

Now, naturally, because of how my usual training regime goes, I won’t run for another three months, but in the short term I can be glad to have had these three days. And who knows, maybe I’ll even run tomorrow as well. I mean, I won’t, because it’s payday and I’m going to the pub at lunch, but it’s at least a nice thought. I could go early if I wake up at 5am again, like I seem to have developed a habit of doing, but I guarantee that I won’t if there is even a hint of snow.

Until tomorrow, four in a row is asking too much.


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