February 28th 2020

Today I’ve peaked too soon on a trip to London. We did Wagas, pub, and then I’ve done train beers because it’s payday and fuck it. But either way it’s far too early to be this drunk, but it’s kinda sorta almost fine because it’s the start of a night out and I’ve still got two hours to kill until we’re there.

I mean, everyone else is there already and I’m late because, as mentioned, I’ve fucked it, but we will find out won’t we.

The 6:11 train was one I needed to make. I was supposed to be in London far before the expected 8pm arrival in Paddington, but that’s fine. I kinda wish I had some headphones or something on me because two hours is a lot of hours to kill.

That said, maybe two hours to recover is a smart idea before starting again as soon as we get there.

Also, I accidentally bought a single ticket because I’m a fucking idiot. Thoughts? I’m gonna see if I can blag the return but I definitely won’t because it’s a Saturday and, as previously mentioned, I’m a fucking idiot.

Until tomorrow, this is an early one.


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