March 24th 2020 Today I was thankful that exercise outdoors is not yet against the law, because I really needed to go for a run. (At some point I will become accustomed to writing sentences like that, but not yet) I’ve been stuck working form home in my flat for a week now, before it was on advice from the government, and now it’s on instruction from the government. Yesterday the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, (I know you know who the Prime Minister is, but I’m noting it down so that future-me, if there is a future me, can remember … Continue reading Honeybourne


March 22nd 2020 Today global-heath-crisis-induced-quarantine meant I had to stay at my flat in Cheltenham, rather than go back and see my Mum for Mother’s Day. Sorry, Mum. It’s her birthday tomorrow too, so usually in any other normal existence I’d’ve obviously been back in Swindon, but this is existence is not currently a normal one. It’s some alternate timeline slash parallel dimension into which our universe has temporarily slipped, and we just have to ride it out until the universe figures out how to climb up the hill it just slid down. Speaking of which, I managed to go … Continue reading Alternate