March 1st 2020

Today I had a nice wholesome family catchup to make myself feel better after a dirty weekend. I was out in London on Friday, and then out in Swindon last night, and I’ve been wearing the same clothes for three straight days because I ended up going straight to London from work.

I didn’t sleep, I drank a lot, and Jim stole a fire extinguisher. It’s all gone wrong. And I’ve gotta do it again next weekend.

So today I had cuddles with my niece and played PlayStation at my sister’s house to make me feel less like a dirty stopout. I need a shower, I need some vegetables, I can’t remember what brocolli looks like or what water tastes like. Or what brocolli tastes like or what water looks like.

Maybe I should go vegan. Everyone else seems to be, and they’re feeling great for it. Go vegan, drink only water, and go for a run at 5am.

Until tomorrow, that’d be wholesome as heck.


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