March 2nd 2020

Today Scorch sat with me to get me through my day at work. Scorch is our emotional support dragon, and he’s passed around the office to those who need him the most. Today was my turn.

He’s technically the mascot for the Welsh rugby team, but I prefer him in his secondary role as emotional support dragon. I needed emotional support for a couple of reasons today. Primarily because I barely slept all weekend and my brain and legs were struggling to function all day. I was finding it very difficult to forumulate sentences both in my brain, with my mouth, and via my keyboard, which made communication quite difficult.

I also kept tripping over things because my legs weren’t working, though it could also have been because my brain wasn’t working and didn’t send the proper messages to my legs to inform them not to trip over the bag left on the floor.

I also needed Scorch’s emotional support because I found it very difficult to be enthused by any of my responsibilities. I felt like it last week, too. Coming back from a three week holiday in New Zealand to a load of trivial work stress has had the expected impact on my state of mind and mental wellbeing, and left me wondering what the point of work even is. Like, why do I care? In the grand scheme of things, what difference does any of it make?

Naturally, that’s a really bad mentality to have, but it’s the mentality that is currently enveloping me. Scorch was supposed to help with that, but I’m not really sure he did.

Until tomorrow, send more help.


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