March 12th 2020

Today I feel like I’m probably going to get Coronavirus, because that’s how irony works. Or something. For a while, I decided that Coronavirus was nothing to worry about, and openly mocked it. Whereas now, fucking Tom Hanks has got it and so has the manager of Arsenal Football Club. So I’ll probably get it as some sort of spiteful revenge. Who knows, maybe we all will.

I feel like all it’s gonna take for people to start taking it seriously is for a famous person to die, and I hope that’s neither Tom Hanks or the manager of Arsenal Football Club.

It’s so strange watching this all unfold. It is all-consuming, and is the backdrop for every single decision that is made in the culture at the moment. It’s the kind of thing that you see happen in movies, except it’s happening in real life.

It seems like we’re a few days away from the Government telling us all to forget about work and stay at home when we can. What a strange timeline.

Until tomorrow, for now, though, we carry on as usual.


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