March 19th 2020

Today I found out that apparently you can’t buy chicken during the apocalypse so I had to have steak with my noodles instead. I feel like that’s doing quarantine the right way. I went into Tesco and the shelves were completely empty, apart from some very specific things.

It’s hilarious that even during a period of quarantine, people still don’t want to eat vegan food. All of the plant-based, Linda McCartney, and Quorn products were still on the shelves, and that makes no sense because in some ways they’re less perishable but it also make total sense because… is that really how you want to go out?

On the other hand, the only bit mof meat you could get in the whole shop was steak. There was no chicken, no sausages, no bacon, no mince, but there was steak. It was morbidly hilarious to walk down the meat aisle and only have steak to choose from.

That’s like the opposite of a problem for me, and I think it highlights a key difference about my personality. EVeryone else is avoiding buying steak because, I assume, it’s expensive and decadent in this time of uncertainty. But the fact that it’s decadent is literally the reason I’m buying it.

If I’m going to be stuck inside for 12 months I at least want to cook some decent food. So I did:

I even managed to pick up some pak choi, because if people aren’t buying steak in a crisis, they’re certainly not buying Chinese cabbage.

Until tomorrow, I could get used to having steak for dinner on a school night.


2 thoughts on “Tesco

  1. I need to find myself a Tesco still stocked with vegan food. About the only thing left in our local are tins of scotch broth and frozen pavlolva. Hoping for something a bit nicer over the weekend.


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