March 20th 2020

Today I completed my first weekish in quarantineish. I’ve been working from home since Tuesday morning, but have been struggling since maybe yesterday. I think what I need to do is go for a run. A run will sort me out, I think. I’ve been okay in the mornings, but the afternoons have been a struggle. I’m in the routine of getting up and making myself a cooked breakfast anyway, so the continuation of that at least makes me get up. But at like 2pm I can’t hack it anymore.

It’s something about, probably, spending like 24 straight hours in my bedroom that I’m struggling with. And so I have to get out. I know it’s irresponsible, but if it’s a run or a bev or a run, it doesn’t really matter. I know I said run twice. I could have said bev twice.

I still managed to get bevved. Because it’s Friday and that’s what we do on Fridays. They say you’re supposed to retain your normal routine in order to better acclimatise to working from home, so I kept true to my normal routine and got bevved on a Friday afternoon.

Until tomorrow, I’m just trying to keep it normal.


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