March 21st 2020

Today I avoided making life decisions by drinking in the virtual pub with my friends. That’s what quarantine life is, you sit there in your bedroom sipping on an ironic Corona while joining a group video call with your mates because you aren’t allowed out to see them.

We adapt. We survive.

It’s lucky that this has happened to literally the best connected (definitely), most intelligent and resourceful (probably) generation in the history of humankind. 10 years ago we would’ve been fucked. No one could work from home, and no one could get in touch with their friends.

I mean, it’s still not ideal, but we make it work one way or another. I was actually invited to go out and do something today. Wine, chess and doggos at my boss’s house did sound tempting, but my flatmate is classified by the NHS as a ‘high risk’ if he does develop the virus, so I think it’s best to minimise outside contact and isolate as much as possible until this blows over.

Until tomorrow, in the mean time, cheers to FaceTime.


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