March 25th 2020

Today for the second year in a row a Bon Iver gig that I have tickets for has been cancelled. Last year they cancelled the tour for ‘personal reasons’, this year they cancelled the tour because of the global world health crisis that means people can’t stand closer than 2 metres apart in public spaces.

Again, one day it’ll become normal to write sentences like that. Still not yet.

I guess I can kind of forgive them for cancelling this gig, because it is literally in the interest of public safety, but I can still be mad at the universe for causing this to happen. This whole thing has been really poorly timed, if I’m honest. It’s messed up a lot of important plans, and has completely got in the way of how I want to be spending my time.

How annoying.

What’s worse, is that of all of the gigs on Bon Iver’s European tour, the Birmingham gig for which I had tickets, is the only gig that isn’t being rescheduled. I’ll get a refund, but I’m not guaranteed tickets to any of the other shows, so the chances are I won’t even see them in January either.

Until tomorrow, unrationed kissing on a night second to last.


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