March 26th 2020

Today the sun came out but it’s against the law to leave the house, so I had an indoor barbecue of sorts. The other day I was in Tesco and I asked the guy working there if they had any metal barbecue skewers in stock. He told me to come back in July.

As it turns out, I actually had some at home, which meant that tonight for dinner I could cook chicken and halloumi skewers in pitta bread with cous cous and pretend that it was actually July.

It could easily have been 25 degrees outside and I wouldn’t have known because, as mentioned, going outside is basically a criminal offence right now.

And so I brought the barbecue inside.

That is almost barbecue food. Halloumi is for summer. I was out of beer so that was the only thing missing.

Until tomorrow, I’m fine as long as I’ve got halloumi.


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