March 27th 2020

Today I treated myself by having steak for dinner and steak for dessert. My flatmate moved back home for a few months on Monday, and he left a fridge full of food for me here. One of those items were two beef medallion steaks. Because it’s Friday, it seemed as good a day as any to cook them up and drink 6 pints of craft ale.

I didn’t have proper stuff to make a proper sauce, so I just dipped it in Garlic Mayo which I was oddly fine with.

I cooked both steaks, and my plan was to have the second one at some point tomorrow, but it was just enticing me man.

I ate the first one with some sauteed potatoes, mushrooms and broccoli, but the second one I just left on the chopping board while I ate dinner.

I polished off my dinner and, well that steak was just looking at me man. It wanted to be eaten. So every couple minutes I’d go back to the chopping board and slice off a piece. Originally I was just going to have one or two slices, but an hour and 3 beers later, I’ve had the lot.

Until tomorrow, if you can’t treat yourself to two steaks during a globa health crisis, when can you?


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