March 28th 2020

Today I moved my work-from-home setup from my bedroom to the living room. I think part of the thing I’ve struggled with during this first full week of remote working is that there was no discernible transition from daytime to nighttime, as I was spending all day at my desk in my bedroom, and then all night in the bed in my bedroom.

It was a lot of time to be spending in one place — it was all my time, in fact — and so I thought it would be a good idea to move my working setup away from my sleeping setup. That way, I can “commute” to work in the morning, and “commute” home in the evening to give my day a bit more structure.

Unfortunately, my plan was scuppered slightly by the fact that my desk is, in it’s current state, a fully constructed IKEA flatpack that wouldn’t fir through my bedroom door in it’s entirety.

I can’t tell you with 100% certainty whether my decision not to move the whole desk was out of laziness, or because I was incapable of deconstructing and reconstructing an IKEA flatpack, but in the end I only moved the desk extension bit.

Originally I was going to have the whole thing tucked in the corner, but I thought that having the French windows to look out of might be quite nice, so I turned the desk around.

I think I’m actually quite happy with the setup. I was hoping to get all three screens on one desk, as I have it like that at work, and had it like that in my bedroom office, but I sacrificed the laptop monitor because literally the only thing that I ever use it for is showing the Spotify screen.

So I’ve got my two main screens, and with just the keyboard cable on show it looks pretty clean. From the front.

The back, however, is pretty ugly. That isn’t great cable management, and I think I’ll need to find a way to fix that somehow, especially because if you sit on the sofa you can see all of that behind the desk. If you sit at the chair behind the desk it all looks fine, it’s just behind that’s bad.

We’ll see how it feels on Monday, but at the very least I’m glad to have got out of the bedroom.

Until tomorrow, and let their be light.


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