March 29th 2020

Today I almost cooked myself a roast dinner from scratch if you’ll allow me to substitute the roast chicken for chicken goujons, the roast potatoes for sauteed potatoes, and all of the rest of the vegetables for 5 stalks of tenderstem broccoli. The gravy was gravy though! Well, it was Ah, Bisto! gravy granules so that barely counts either, right?

In my defence, chicken goujons are not something that I would buy, but when my flatmate moved out he said I could eat all of the food that he left, and the goujons were his. Honest!

I had told myself that one benefit of the ongoing quarantine that has placed the whole country on house arrest (still not normal to write a sentence like that, but we’re getting there) is that I’ll have more time and energy to expand my culinary repetoire. And I guess with the goujons in a way that is true, but perhaps not in the way that I was previously expecting.

I have plenty of time, just not so much the energy.

In a way, the supermarkets being completely ransacked of all the ‘basics’ and ‘essentials’ should help me diversify my efforts in the kitchen, because the only things you can buy are the things you wouldn’t normally buy, so it forces you to think differently.

Since Spence moved out I’ve been eating all his food, so I’ve not actually needed to go to the shop (other than for beer). With the goujons, I’ve officially finished eating all of his food and now I need to buy some of my own, so when I go shopping tomorrow I’ll try and diversify.

Until tomorrow, I wouldn’t get pasta if I could.


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