March 30th 2020

Today I spent £70 on a food shop in two different supermarkets and had plans to cook all kinds of advanced (for me) Asian food but then I got really drunk and undercooked a pizza. Monday.

I’ve somewhat committed to widening my culinary portfolio, and that will mostly consist of Asian food. Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese. I decided today that I’d go shopping for the types of optional store cupboard ingredients that you’d usually skip if you saw them in a recipe. Like mirin, or dashi, or gochujang. What are they? Exactly.

Tesco didn’t have dashi or gochujang, but it did have mirin. To get the other two, I had to venture to Waitrose. They have everything at Waitrose, but you have to remortgage your house to afford it. Fortunately, I’m in rented accomodation so I didn’t have to remortgage anything.

I did get perhaps too distracted by the selection of craft ales though, because I somehow bought six bottles and somehow drank them all and then somehow forgot about the food I was going to be making and so just put in a pizza for 14 minutes because that’s what the package told me to do.

Note: it was only slightly undercooked but I was hungry okay.

Look how prepared my fridge was:

I have the veg drawers, the meat shelf, the dashi shelf, the dairy shelf, and the beer shelf. And the only bit that got touched was the beer.

Until tomorrow, that’s not a bad Monday to be fair.


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