April 28th 2020 Today I’ve been thinking about making this blog private. Because, you see, I don’t really tell the truth on here any more. For every highly filtered, roughly edited story I do tell, there’s another that I just completely suppress. I don’t say exactly what I’m thinking. I drain my thoughts through a sieve and only allow myself to talk about the safe topics. I can’t talk about work like I’d want to because my boss reads this, and my boss’s boss reads this. And although I am overly honest with them about my personal life, I can’t … Continue reading Private


April 22nd 2020 Today I have the kind of muscle ache that reminds me that I’m doing something right. The muscles hurt because they’re not used to being used and all of a sudden they’re being put under all kinds of stress. And they’re mad at me, but they’re also glad for it. My muscles ache and my heart is pumping again. It’s not debilitating, or painful, it’s just a gentle reminder that they’re still there. Like, you’re suddenly once again aware that you can feel it because you haven’t for so long and you’d forgotten what it feels like. … Continue reading Muscles