April 1st 2020

Today I’m sorry but it’s another blog post about food. What I have for dinner is just about the only thing that differentiates my days form eachother at the moment, so it’s just about the only thing worth writing about. Unless you want to know how I sat on my desk chair for 9 hours and then sat on my sofa for a bit and then led in my bed for a bit. No? Okay then. Ramen it is.

And ramen it was.

On Monday before I went food shopping I created a list of stuff that I needed to buy after collating a list of recipes that I wanted to try. Tonight I was supposed to be making this like Chinese beef stew kind of deal, but when I looked at the recipe I realised that, although I had all of the ingredients, I didn’t have a casserole dish. So that kind of put the stew idea on hold. It did mean that I had to kind of panic and figure out what I could cook instead.

The other meat I had was chicken thighs, and I also wanted to do something with the leftover dashi broth that I used in my katsudon yesterday. So naturally that made me think of ramen. I watched three “how to make chilli chicken ramen” YouTube videos (on 2x speed because I was hungry to get started) and got started.

Thighs were pan fried in sesame oil until the skin was brown, and then finished in the oven at 175 for ten minutes. In a saucepan on the hob I put a litre of chicken stock, 100ml of dashi, a couple teaspoons of of mirin, some sliced ginger, garlic, and red chilli, and then the diced stalks of some fresh coriander. I brought that to the boil and then added 200ml of cold water to dilute the flavour, and added a few dashes of soy sauce and some gochujang paste.

While the broth was bubbling I took the chicken out of the oven and laid it aside, and then sliced it into chunks, and cut up a couple of mushrooms, and a thing of pak choi. I don’t actually like pak choi, it just looks really cool in Asian dishes so I keep putting it in.

With the final two minutes of cooking time, I put into the broth a packet of vermicelli noodles (I didn’t have ramen noodles), the mushroom, and the pak choi.

And then it was time to assemble:

The important thing about ramen assembly is that you put all the bits on in different sections. As you can see, the chicken has its section, and so does the pak choi. The mushrooms are laid on top, overlapping each other. I sliced some green onions and another red chilli, and adorned the dish with those and a sprinkle of sesame seeds. Et voila.

I’m happy with what I came up with, and mostly because I basically freestyled it. I watched the videos for inspiration but didn’t follow a recipe as such, and it turned out quite well. I added my own extra ingredients, and my own little flourishes.

The thing I did forget to do was the soft boiled egg, but I’m not sure I have the talent for that yet.

Until tomorrow, maybe I’ll try when I have the leftovers for lunch.


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