April 2nd 2020

Today I’m beginning to feel like I’m actually adapting to a life of working from home. I’d struggled the last couple weeks, but then I moved my office space out of my bedroom and into my living room, and that seems to have helped.

Now I’ve settled into more of a routine, wherein I wake up at like 8:45, shower, get dressed (I’m still basically wearing running shorts and a hoody all day), and settle at my desk for 9. I have a group video call with my team from 9:30-10, and then after that I make breakfast. Before the quarantine, I’d wake up at 7 to cook breakfast on days where I could be bothered, but now I’m having it a lot later.

I’ll have my usual two egg bagel (now featuring ham, rocket and philadelphia) with a coffee, and then I’ll usually work through until I get hungry again about 2 o’clock. On my “lunch break” I’ll cook more food, or eat leftovers from the night before, and I’ll frequently do a bit of housework, believe it or not. I guess because I’m here all day every day I’m committed to keeping it clean and tidy. That’s a new look. Also, because I’m cooking a lot there’s a seemingly endless amount of washing up to do at the moment.

In all honesty, my morning work sessions tend to be more productive than my afternoon sessions. I guess because I’m more motivated to get going early morning. And more caffeinated. That said, my afternoon session also starts with making a coffee, so I’m probably just chatting shit.

I am still adapting to using my coffee machine at home, which is far inferior to the one at work, so that’s been a bit of a struggle. That one above wasn’t supposed to look as rude as it does, but it did at least give me a giggle.

My workday now ends in a similar fashion to how my pre-quarantine workday would end: by having a drink with the people from work. Except now except having one or two pints of craft ale in the pub, I have between three and six pints of craft ale while sat at my desk. Not having to drive myself home after work has enabled particularly boozy behaviour, though I don’t think that’s specific to just me.

After beer, depending on how drunk, and therefore capable, I am, I’ll cook dinner. And I’m really enjoying cooking at the moment, and having more time and energy to put into cooking has been a sort of blessing, in a way. Pre-quarantine I still liked to cook, but if I got home at 7:30 I’d cook something that required neither time nor effort, whereas now I have the luxury of time, and can put thought and research into what I’m cooking. It’s been fun.

After dinner, and the third lot of washing up for the day, I’ll recline to the sofa or my bed and watch Netflix. At the moment I’m powering through The Good Place. Pre-quarantine I was on a really good reading hype, and was enjoying consuming a book before bed rather than a film or TV show, but since I’ve been here alone I’ve not picked up a book. I feel bad about it, but I figured that it’s just best to get through this weird couple of months in any way you can, rather than giving yourself a hard time about the ways you spend your time.

Until tomorrow, 2.5 weeks down, an indeterminable and unimaginable number of weeks to go!


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