April 3rd 2020

Today I made a terrible beer choice. During this lockdown I seem to have rapidly increased the rate at which I consume alcohol. I think mostly it’s just for something to do, and I don’t think I’m alone in this. There’s no commuting, no socialising, no getting out, so what else is there to do but sit in and get drunk all by yourself on a Friday night?

It’s weird, because without the context of this global pandemic, that last sentence could seem quite sad, but it’s, like, not. Because it would almost literally be illegal for me to leave the house to drink, and so instead I’m staying in the house to drink. As Boris keeps saying, Stay Inside, Save Lives, Drink Pints. Or something like that.


I’ve tried to mix up the beer I’m drinking and not just buy crates and crates of Bud Light and/or Corona (skipping past any obvious references there although I guess this parenthetical is kind of a reference in itself so never mind). So I’m getting into craft ales. Each time I go to the supermarket to buy beer I grab a different crate of a selection of craft ales.

It’s usually a bit of gamble because you’re never quite sure whether you’ll like any one of them, but if there’s one you don’t like, there’s five more to try. Anyway, I didn’t like this one:

What I’ve learnt is that I don’t like dark ales. I like gold, or amber, or pale, but I don’t like dark. And to be fair I knew that of myself before all of this, I’m just also committed to this hype of trying a load of different beers.

I do this in pubs too. I’ll try and order a beer I’ve not had before from every pub I go to, but unfortunately that often ends with me paying £6 for a beer I don’t like or want to drink. At least today’s shit beer was only £8.50 for a crate of 6.

Until tomorrow, hopefully the rest of the crate aren’t as bad.


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