April 5th 2020

Today the chopsticks that I bought online arrived. When I got paid on… whatever day it was, it’s hard to keep track of days in this climate… the only thing I did was buy a chopstick set for £13 from Amazon. Because of the quarantine, there’s nothing fun you can go out and spend your money on. There’s no point buying new clothes because who’s going to see it.

So the only thing I can spend money on is food and kitchen utensils. I also bought a casserole dish! That is what lockdown is doing to me. I contemplated buying the fancy £45 casserole dish but then remembered what kind of human I am so bought the £11 one instead.

So today for dinner I combined my two new kitchen items and made a Chinese 5 spice braised beef stew. A stew is the kind of dish that I tend to avoid making because A) I previously did not own a casserole dish, and B) when I cook I don’t like to us the oven. I haven’t got the patience for it.

I like to start cooking something in a pan in the knowledge that I will be eating it in half an hour. This stew had a bit of time on the hob, but then it went into the oven for two hours to make the beef tender and the sauce richer. To be fair — to the recipe and to me — the beef did end up tender and the sauce was richer.

I did however probably ruin my casserole dish. I’m still getting used to it, okay?

I served the Chinese stew with rice in a bowl and used chopsticks mainly because I felt like I had to, even though a spoon would have been much more effective.

Until tomrrow, I may have switched to a spoon halfway through.


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