April 10th 2020

Today is the end of a four day work week and the start of a four day bank holiday which precedes a four day work week. During quarantine, all of those things are basically the same thing, to be fair. There’s not a great deal of difference between a workday and a weekend. It’s all a bit of a mush. A mash? A mesh? What’s the word I want?

Is it Thursday? Who really knows. Is it midnight? Is it 8am? It’s hard to tell.


It’s also been beautiful weather all week, which is a bit of a shame, because it feels like you’re missing out on more when the weather is nice. So instead of spending the start of my Easter holiday sunning myself in a beer garden with my friends, I spent it inside playing games on PlayStation with my friends. Not really the same thing, but at least it’s sort of socialising?

Until tomorrow, let’s see if tomorrow is any different.


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