April 11th 2020

Today I cooked Naan bread at 23:30 because I was somehow still hungry even though my primary form of entertainment during this pandemic has been eating.

I’ve been eating really well. I’m cooking three hot meals a day, and because I’m working from home there are no vending machines from which I can buy a Wispa and a packet of Space Raiders.

Putting more effort into cooking has given me something on which to focus my my attention, and, because I can afford to wake up later given my commute to work is 13 steps from my bed to my desk, I don’t ever skip breakfast because I don’t have time any more.

For lunch, I’ll have a leftover portion of whatever I cooked the night before, and then i’ll put my attention into dinner. This was tonight’s, for the record:

And so with my breakfast bagel, leftover lunch and delicious dinner, I have three decent meals. My issue comes with the fact that because of the aforementioned 13 step commute, I’ve also been going to sleep later. And going to sleep later means, obviously, longer being awake, and so come 10:30/11 I’m fucking starving again.

I’ve purposefully not bought biscuits or crisps or snacks to have around the house because I know that if they’re there then I’ll eat them, so tonight at 11:30 when I got hungry I had basically only one choice. The packet of naan bread my flat mate left in the cupboard when he moved out.

It wasn’t my finest hour. Dipping the naan in sriracha was a good idea though, so I’ll give myself that.

To fix this, all I have to do is shift each meal and hour to the right. I’ll eat breakfast at 11. Lunch at 3. Dinner at 9. That will spread my meals out and hopefully stop me being hungry at midnight.

Until tomorrow, or i could buy some biscuits.


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