April 12th 2020

Today was the inaugural Cardiff Maths Boys weekly quiz night. I came tied second. Out of five. So I was literally average. Of course I’m frustrated, because I back myself in quizzes, and trivia, and general knowledge. I think I’d do well on The Chase. I didn’t excel on the CMBQ, and not because of any particular area. There were sport questions I knew, and ones that I didn’t. There were music questions I knew, and ones that I didn’t. There were general knowledge questions I knew, and ones that I didn’t. It was, overall, an average performance from me.

On this occasion we all brought with us 10 questions of varying genre. We kind of made the rules up as we went along, but some of the questions were worth bonus points also. Two of the guys played clips for a music round. They were more prepared than me.

Personally, I didn’t know how hard to make the questions, because it’s difficult to get a feel of difficulty until everyone else starts asking their questions. From feedback, however, I made them too hard. That wasn’t tactical — as a way of improving my chances of winning, or anything (because clearly it didn’t work) — it was just because I’d rather have made the questions too hard than too easy.

It’s weird, because this is not something we’d have done before lockdown, but it’s something that we all quite enjoyed tonight. Lockdown seems to be doing that to be people. It’s forcing them to find enjoyment from different facets of life. Everyone is taking up running now. Or cycling. Or jigsaw puzzles. Or scrabble. It’s making people live their lives differently.

And everyone is staying connected while not being connected at all.

Until tomorrow, it’s a weird one, but it’s working.


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