April 19th 2020

Today I was victorious in the second iteration of the Cardiff Uni Boys’ Weekly Quiz Night™. The format had chagned from last week, and instead of each particpant bringing ten questions, we designated one Quizmaster who ran the whole thing. Jake (the snake) was in charge this week, and, to be fair to him, he put the effort in. There were audio clips, personalised questions, bonus points, a fastest-finger-first buzzer beater, an itinerary and a Skype call.

It was agreed that the winner of this week’s quiz (me) would be the designated Quizmaster for next week’s quiz, and so I have quite the act to follow.

Jake’s questions were wide-ranging in genre and difficulty, and he’s presented a decent spread of subjects. He put a decent amount of prep work into it, which honestly doesn’t sound particularly like something that I’m gonna do, but I’ll have to step up as he’s laid downt he gauntlet now.

Naturally, I’m a bit disappointed that I don’t get the opportunity to go for back-to-back wins, though I suppose I could have done if I hadn’t’ve lost last week.

Until tomorrow, it’s my turn to think of some questions.


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