April 21st 2020

Today I ran again. Do you remember when I ran? No? Me either, barely. It’s been a while. Off the top of my head I’ve ran twice since I got back from holiday in February. I ran twice while I was on holiday in February. And I ran twice before I went on holiday in February.

That makes today my 7th of the year. There were times in the past few years where I’d get that many done in a week. One time it was actually more than 7 in a week because this one time I went out twice because my watch didn’t record the first one and I needed proof.

I’ve not felt too bad about not running, even though during lockdown literally every other person on the face of the planet has turned into a runner.

I saw this Instagram post the other day that said “You’re living through a global pandemic. You don’t have to use this time to improve yourself. Just get through it.” and it kind of validated my passive decision to not focus on improving myself. Thanks, random Instagram post.

I say passive decision but I did actively decide “I’m not gonna give myself a hard time about not running twice a day, or learning a foreign language, or FaceTiming my parents every night, or teaching myself how to code in Python.”

This isn’t the time for that. Annoyingly, before this all happened I was in a really good headspace. I was reading a lot. I’d just got back from a holiday where I hashtag found myself. And I came back with these dreams and aspirations and decisions to make. And then COVID took a dump on all of that, but instead of letting that get to me too much, I just kind of compartmentalised and regressed and sacrificed all of the ideas I was having because all you can do is get through it.

And so today I ran because I wanted to. Not because I felt like I had to.

Until tomorrow, I might go again in the morning.


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