April 26th 2020

Today it was my turn to be question master at the Weekly Maths Boys Quiz Thing™. That trademark changes every week. It’s quite a soft trademark. I don’t think I’ll win any money from people infringing that copyright.

I won last week’s quiz which meant I got to choose the questions for this week. I tried to match Jake’s level of preparation from last week, ans so my itinerary was this:

  • Picture round (4)
  • Music round (4)
  • Sport round (10)
  • General knowledge (10)
  • Bonus (2)

All in, there were 30 questions, and some of them were worth more than one point. So it was out of 40 or something. The picture round had a nice “what is the link between these three pictures” aspect, and the music round was slightly advanced by asking for the album rather than the song title.

Those two proved harder for the guys than sport and general knowledge, because the latter two I guess you either know or you don’t, whereas the picture/music round nagged at you because you felt like you should know it but you don’t.

The bonus was a little “about us” section, that turned out to be decisive. As did the link between the pictures from the first round, which I only revealed right at the end.

In retrospect, I think the first two rounds were quite hard, but the sport and general knowledge rounds were manageable. Someone scored at least 6/10 on both of those rounds so that tells me the questions were decently difficult.

I was worried about finding the the balance between too hard, and too easy, but I think people getting half the questions right shows it was somewhere in the middle. Obviously.

Until tomorrow, in darts, what is the lowest score that cannot be scored with a single dart?


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