27th April 2020

Today idk man I’m just feeling contemplative. And it’s hard to describe. I think it came from watching this iPlayer series, Normal People, which is, like, good and stuff. Words. Description. Et cetera. And so it goes.

And it follows this couple as they progress through life in a constant state of on again/off again and it’s often a secret. And idk man it’s just got me feeling contemplative. Partly because it’s super well directed, and the writing is fab so it just gets you thinking about stuff.

And the fact that it’s super well written got me thinking about the writing. And how I used to want to be a writer. And I wondered whether I’ve lived through enough to be able to write something with such heart, or depth. And the fact that it’s about love and relationships got me thinking about that too.

I’m a sucker for a coming-of-age romantic drama, and Normal People is a good one. I haven’t finished it yet. I’ve got four episodes left and I kind of want to marathon it but that would take me to 01:30 which is far too late to be awake watching TV on a school night.

So instead I’m just going to lie in bed with my thoughts until 01:30 on a school night.

Until tomorrow, damn you, Sally Rooney.


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