May 2nd 2020

Today I finished the marathon rewatch of Scrubs that has kept me entertained during this period of lockdown. I’ve been watching it a lot, and today I finally finished season eight, which concludes all official seasons. And the reason I word it like that is because, as any fan of Scrubs knows, Season Nine never happened.

Like, it exists, but it’s existence has been scrubbed from our memories because it was so shockingly awful that it should never be spoken of, or even included as part of the canon.

Part of the reason for that is that the Season 8 finale is so perfect, so well toned, well executed, and, well, emotional, that having something that follows it just dilutes the impact of the ending.

Watching the finale was extra poignant today, because this morning it was announced that Sam Lloyd, who plays Ted Buckland, died. So that was sad.

I’ve been on a huge Scrubs binge, and that’s been compounded by the Fake Doctors, Real Friends podcast that Zach Braff and Donald Faison are releasing by-weekly. Listening to that is giving me a reason to get out and go for a run twice a week, so I’m grateful for it.

I am kind of sad that I’ve gotta find something else to watch now though. I was hoping eight seasons would last the lockdown.

Until tomorrow, don’t even think about suggesting I watch season nine.


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