May 3rd 2020

Today I lost the weekly Maths Boys Quiz Night on a sudden death, company slogan penalty shootout round. Remarkably, after 5 rounds and 30 points on offer, all three of us were tied on 18 points, so the quiz went into extra time.

The tie breaker was simple: here’s a slogan, what’s the company? If you get it right, you carry on, if you get it wrong, you’re out. And so, as it turned out, to win the entire quiz all I had to do was name the company behind this slogan:

Believe in better.

Have you got it? If you have, then congrats, you won the quiz. I said Vodafone. The answer is Sky. Fuck. It’s so obvious looking back. That’s all I needed. And because I got that wrong, Daryl won. I’m furious with myself for Sky, and also for the last question of the normal round.

I was in the lead on 18 points, with Jake and Daryl tied on 17 behind me. It was a fastest-finger-first slogan question. If you buzzed in and got the answer right, you got a bonus question. If you got the answer wrong, the other two got a bonus question. I completely fucked up by game plan and buzzed in even though I wasn’t sure of the answer. I got it wrong, Jake and Daryl got their bonus right, and it went into sudden death.

My thinking was that if either of them buzzed in, and then answered their bonus correctly, then I’d’ve lost anyway, so I gambled on buzzing in, taking a shot, then relying on them getting the bonus wrong. That’s not how it happened, and the rest is, as they say, “explained during the first half of this post, remember?”

Until tomorrow, believe in better.


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