May 4th 2020

Today it was too hot for two tops. For some reason, I convinced myself that it was too cold to go for a run, and then I convinced myself that if I went for a run then I would just wear a thermal layer to protect from the cold. Then I convinced myself that I could not argue with myself and that myself’s logic was fine so I agreed with myself that I’d go for a run. With myself.

I should have listened to myself.

It was fucking warm. Like, it was a normally temperate day, but wearing a ski thermal underneath a running top meant it was… hot. It meant it was hot.

I’m going to put that down as the reason for it being a tough run. I’ve discovered this perfect 5km route around Pittville Park that is only perfectly 5km if I kinda loop around the block a bit at the start and the end of the run, and I’ve done that route like four times in the last week and I seem to be getting slower.

It was the thermal, I tell you.

I was hoping that soon after my return to running that I would begin to see an improvement in speed equals distance divided by time, but really all I’m feeling on my runs is decreased energy equals mass times velocity squared all over two.

You know?

I’ll try again tomorrow, but I’m thinking about going in the morning before work, so please look forward to the next installment of this blog where we’ll be complaining about it being too cold.

Until tomorrow, on Wednesday we might be Goldilocks.


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