May 5th 2020

Today I tried out Spotify’s new Wellness playlist. It’s a mixture of suggested music and wellness/mindfulness-type commentary. I thought it seemed a cool idea so I gave it a go.

I don’t think mindfulness is for me. I can’t take it seriously. Like, I know that there are people who have found peace with that kind of thing, and there are a lot of succesful people who meditate daily, and whatever, but I ask myself… do they really believe it?

Like, one of the mindfulness tutors that came on the mix earlier was on about the act of repeating positive mantras to yourself in order to embed the thought in your brain. And although I think I can see why that might work, I just can’t imagine myself doing it.

I liked the idea of it. Because sometimes my brain doesn’t work like it should, and this kind of thing has, I think, been proven to help people. It’s just not been proven to help me. Maybe that’s because I’m not embracing it as open-mindedly as I should. Maybe it’s just all a load of crap. I don’t know.

I know the brain is powerful. And I think maybe that it’s possible to reshape your life with this kind of thing. I just don’t think I could.

Until tomorrow, I moreso enjoyed the music on the playlist.


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