May 6th 2020

Today I felt like I was secretly part of a class above myself because I decided on a new favourite shape of pasta and lost to my Mum and Dad at Scrabble. Rigatoni, if you were wondering. It just holds the sauce better and it’s shape, texture, and ridges almost gives it, like, a taste?

Scrabble though? That annoyed me. I played HA for 28 points when the bag ran out of tiles, and I was 20 points up. I thought I had it in the bag then, but in the end I was left with a rogue V that I couldn’t place anywhere on the board. I had to pass twice and watch my Mum/Dad finish off their rack and beat me.

I’m not bitter, I just really, really hate the hate that I lost. Like, it’s the worst thing to happen to me since I lost the pub quiz on Sunday.

It’s cute though, because we’re playing Scrabble though the Wordfeud app. Which is the same app that my Nan and I used to play through before she died. I was hoping that when i redownloaded the app that the messages to her would still be there. They weren’t, but I remember it. She started off by winning every game, but eventually I caught up.

Until tomorrow, I’ve already lost with Mum, so I’ve got some catching up to do.


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