May 8th 2020

Today I displayed two of my personality traits by 1) ordering a t-shirt that turned out to be too big (thus demonstrating my haphazard, often loose decision making process of “fuck it it’ll be okay”) and 2) deciding not to return/exchange the t-shirt because I really don’t like admin.

I now just own a t-shirt that is too big for me. And that’s fine with me. The profit from the t-shirt goes to a good cause anyway, so it’s almost like I just made a donation. It was this cool melted clock design advertised to me on Instagram from a company called thisisdementia.co.uk

They’re a dementia charity that raises money via t-shirt. I’m not usually one to fall into the Instagram ad trap, but I was sold. Four days later my t-shirt came, and I really like the design. It’s good quality too, because it’s made of old discarded Burberry fabric. It even came with this cute little note:

Unfortunately, it’s too big. I mean, oversized is technically a style right now, but it only really works if you have, well, biceps. I, let’s say, don’t, and so it just swamps me a little bit.

That said, if I put it on under a shirt, it doesn’t look so big, so that’s probably what I’ll do.

Until tomorrow, it’s the thought that counts, right?


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