May 10th 2020

Today I completed a full week of running at least 5km every day. I quietly set that as my goal for the week, and quietly achieved it. None of the runs have been particularly fast, and at 5km they aren’t very long either, but this week has just been about getting out. And just for 5km a day. Or five a day. Or FAD, as I’ll start to call it.

I’ve spent most of each morning looking forward to being able to get out for a run at lunch, and that’s been a good feeling.

Because I’ve not been going far or fast, I’ve not had the achey legs the day after that I’m used to, and that’s meant I’ve felt okay to get out again day after day.

It’s kind of sad that I’ve completely lost my speed from this time last year, but in these hashtag unprecedented hashtag times, it’s just good to get out. That’s been my main driver for running: getting out the house. I do a loop of Pittville park every day and head home.

Until tomorrow, maybe I’ll complete another full week starting tomorrow.


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