May 11th 2020

Today I’m on day 5 of the same headache. Every few hours I get this ringing pain on the left hand side of the middle of my scalp. It’s kinda annoying.

I’ve asked around and according to my peer group of unqualified medical amateurs, it’s either stress, dehydration, or carbon monoxide poisoning. Or, more likely, it’s a headache. It’s kinda annoying.

Since lockdown, I have been drinking a lot more beer and a lot less water than I used to. So maybe that’s part of it. Also, I’m currently living through some pretty stressful love life drama, and I’m anxious about a big work meeting I have tomorrow. Give me a minute and let me think about those things to see if it triggers a stress headache.

Nope. (I’ll never be able to prove it, but it’s important to me that you know that I genuinely waited a minute before writing the answer there)

My flat mate doesn’t have a headache, so it’s probably not carbon monoxide poisoning. Also we had a new boiler installed like two weeks ago which basically dispels that possibility.

So, it could be dehydration. It might be stress. It’s probably not carbon monoxide poisoning. I don’t feel like we’re any closer to figuring it out.

Until tomorrow, or it’s a headache.


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