May 14th 2020

Today I won the work quiz, played Scrabble online with my Dad, and watched a 30 minute video of a man solving a Sudoku puzzle that started with only four numbers. Lockdown is kicking off. What a rock and roll lifestyle I am living.

I was feeling pretty smart because I was happy that I won the quiz, I’m maybe three turns away from beating my Dad, but I’ve got no idea how that bloke did the Sudoku. Like, because he was explaining it in front of me I could tell what he was doing, but I just don’t see how he had the foresight to see what he needed to do.

Clever people amaze me. Their brains are just wired differently. Speaking of rock and roll, I think I’d rather be a genius than a rockstar. Rockstars get too much publicity, too much fame, too many people watching. Well, I say that, but that sudoku video had 3.5 million views so I guess it’s not just me who doesn’t have a life.

Until tomorrow, even geniuses get publicity.


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