May 15th 2020

Today I agreed to do a fast one day next week to experience what it’s like for a work friend who’s on Ramadan right now. I will really, really struggle. In fact I’ll find it almost impossible.

For lunch today I had leftover Thai red curry that would’ve been enough to feed a family of four, and then for dinner I had enough noodles to make the mother of that family, Dr Jean, suggest that I go in to see her at the surgery because I may have an intestinal worm or a hole in my stomach.

I have an issue with portion control, okay. And yet I’m 6 foot and I’ve been 11 stone since I was 18. My issue is that eating food ‘warms me up’ for eating more food. It’s like doing a couple of laps of the track before a big race. Or whatever it was Joey said during that Thanksgiving episode. You know the one. Okay, you might not know it, but you will.

So maybe if for me eating just encourages more eating, then choosing not to eat will keep my stomach unstretched, allowing me to successfully complete the fast.

Or, I’ll fail miserably and feel terribly ashamed, whilst also hungry and tired.

Until tomorrow, it’s probably going to be the latter.


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