May 17th 2020

Today I managed to get out for day 14 for of my self-subscribed “Five A Day” running challenge despite the fact I’m exhausted, achey, and hungover. So no, don’t feel too bad for me. I have this annoying habit of waking up at 7am after a ‘night out’ regardless of what time I went to sleep. So I had to have a nap in the middle of the day to recharge a bit.

It was the slowest of all fourteen 5ks I’ve run over the last two weeks, but I at least made it out. Also, it’s busy out there at the moment. My route loops me around Cheltenham’s Pittville Park, and since lockdown rules were eased on Wednesday, it’s got busier and busier as people begin to socialise with “1 person” outside their household.

Running has been really good for me over the last couple weeks. It’s given me a reason to get outside, and given me something to split up my work day with. To the point where I actually look forward to getting out. It’s also a nice excuse to listen to the twice-weekly Scrubs Rewatch podcast, which I can’t really do whilst I work.

Until tomorrow, can we make it three weeks in a row?


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