May 19th 2020

Today I cooked something that wasn’t Asian food for the first time in a while. I figured it was about time I cooked in something that wasn’t a wok. So I used the oven. And I boiled some veg. And roasted some potatoes. And even made a pan sauce.

No, I still haven’t figured out what an appropriate portion for an adult male human is, leave me alone.

Those sauteed potatoes were good though. I somehow managed to accidentally make them perfectly considering my oven technique is “whack it on at 250 for a bit while you’re doing everything else and then turn it down to maybe 170 if you need more time to finish the rest off”.

Yes, I turned the oven off.

Yes, I just went to check.

It’s pork, by the way. It’s a meal big enough to feed two people, but, as an adult male, I get to make my own decisions and if I decide that I want two portions of pork then I am perfectly at liberty to do that.

The thing that annoys me about western cooking is that no matter how hard you try you can never get it to look pretty on a plate. Because you’re combining foods that you’ve cooked in three different places, you’ve just gotta kinda slap it onto a plate in quadrants, and it never looks pretty. I could have used the potatoes as a bed, I guess, and laid the rest on top, but that’s just trying too hard.

Until tomorrow, the broccoli is mainly there so it doesn’t all look too brown.


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