May 20th 2020

Today was a good day. But it was the kind of good day that I can’t write about here. So I’m writing about it in pen instead. Someone close to me bought me an actual, physical diary to write secrets in, and this seems like an appropriate one to write in it. Because I want to be able to remember today, for a couple of reasons, but this isn’t the forum for it.

And I used to get frustrated by the fact that I couldn’t tell my secrets here, but I’m kind of okay with it now. Because at least I have somewhere to tell stories. It just takes a while longer and the font isn’t as pretty because it’s all my my chicken-scratch handwriting.

And when future me wants to look back and wonder what was happening today that made me sound all secretive, he just has to remember to look in the diary rather than the blog. And I’m saying that to him in the third(?) person because I’m assuming his memory is crap in the future.

Until tomorrow, am I wrong, James?


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