May 21st 2020

Today I can understand why people pay double the price to do their weekly shop in Waitrose. I went there because I fancied some calamari, and both of the employees that I asked for help were incredibly helpful. The first told me she wasn’t sure if they had any ready prepared stuff, but I could buy squid tentacles and chop the ends off to make them myself.

She overestimated me. She told me to cost them in flour and fry them in butter, but that seemed too much effort.

The next guy I asked had similar advice, but when I told him I didn’t back myself to successfully pull off his instructions, he offered to chop up the squid for me. I didn’t want to say it to him but really I didn’t want to choose that option because then the calamari seems too much like fish to me. Even so, when i wasn’t keen on that choice, he then looked around the whole store to find me some ready prepared stuff.

What a dude. Him and his beardnet.

Until tomorrow, I did somehow spend £60 and I was in there for an hour, but I can see the appeal.


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