May 24th 2020

Today I drove home to visit my Mum and Dad. Yes I think I flouted lockdown rules. Yes I’m a terrible person. No I don’t deserve to be preachy about the British public being, by majority, a bunch of whiny hypocrites as I am now one of them. Yes we had roast lamb. Yes I went back for seconds. No I can’t move right now because I’m in a food coma. Yes I’ll stop this yes/no thing now.

I know that really I probably shouldn’t have gone back to see them. But it’s been two months and Boris said that it’s kind of sort of okay to visit people outide your household now. I think seeing people inside their households is still mostly frowned upon (to put it lightly), but so is going to the beach and the fuckers are still doing that in their droves.

No, I said I no longer deserved to be preachy.

I’m sorry, Boris, but do you blame me:

Anyway, I know that it made my Mum happy, so that’s worth getting arrested for.

Yes I’m only saying that because she made me a nice dinner and it’ll make her smile.

Until tomorrow, no apparently I didn’t stop doing the yes/no thing.


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