May 25th 2020

Today it kind of feels like lockdown is lifted. Maybe it’s just because it’s a bank holiday, and also because it was 24 degrees out, but I was out for a run today and there were so many people around. I think people have just embraced/ignored the grey area in the government’s advice and are hitting the streets and parks.

I wonder if that means that we’re on the downslope of the first peak, or the upslope of the second. I’ve not read the news in a couple months so I’m not actually sure how we’re progressing in terms of limiting the number of deaths, but I’m going to guess it’s either going really well and people are out celebrating, or really badly because people are out celebrating.

For me, I’m just waiting for my boss to tell me I can come back to work as normal. And if that’s not in the next 6 days then he owes me a Wagamama, so it’s kind of win-win.

It’s not going to be in the next six days. It’s looking more likely to be at least September by the time I’m back at work. Which is nine minus five equals four months away. Longting.

Until tomorrow, if it’s not until 20201 I might cry.


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