May 26th 2020

Today, a few things. First, my legs hurt so much that I’m not sure I can continue my streak of running 5k every day. I’m on 23 days in a row at the moment, but today was a bit of a struggle. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to just sleep it off and be good to go again tomorrow lunchtime, but my right calf is in bits and I don’t feel in a good way.

Second, I slept through a pretty important meeting today. That wasn’t great. It was at 8am and because it was a bank holiday yesterday I wasn’t on my work laptop at all, so had no way of seeing any of the reminders. It was with a whole bunch of my German colleagues (hence 8am) and I’ve never met any of them before, so that was a great start to my work week.

Third, this evening I picked up a book from my bookcase for the first time since lockdown began. Actually that’s not true. I picked up a few at random the other day to use as evidence in a conversation I was having about the difference in usage of ‘single’ or “double” quotation marks in American and British literature. Fuck my life is wild.

Anyway, I’ve been very keen on the “You don’t have to feel pressure to improve yourself during a global pandemic” mantra that I saw on some random Instagram post a few weeks ago, so I’ve mainly just been watching Netflix and chilling. So to speak. But this evening I grabbed my favourite book, Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five, off the bookshelf. I mean, I’ve not actually read any of it yet, but picking it up is a start.

Until tomorrow, everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt.


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