May 30th 2020

Today I had midnight carbonara because my food schedule got shunted out of whack. I had breakfast at my normal time of , like, 10:30, and then went for a run at 12. I was in meetings back to back from 1 until 4, so I didn’t end up eating ‘lunch’ until 5 o’clock.

At 7, I walked across to Tesco to buy my flatmate a crate of cider as a birthday present. The problem was he wanted to come to the shop too, so when we got in to Tesco and he said “what do you need to get?” I told him the truth and said “I’m not gonna lie I’m here to get you a crate of dark fruits”. He was then so flustered by that concept that he tried to buy me a crate of Budweiser to say thank you. I told him that I don’t think he quite understands the concept of birthdays.

When we got back from the shop it was gone 8, and I might have picked up a packet of Hob Nobs while we were there, and there may now only be half a packet of those left. And so, by the time I realised I was hungry and hadn’t eaten dinner, it was midnight.

I did have leftover Thai Red Curry in the fridge that I was intending to have for dinner tonight, but that didn’t feel too much like midnight food.

Carbonara is much more appropriate midnight food.

Until tomorrow, I’m kinda still hungry.


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