June 28th 2020 Today I finished week 8 of my 5k every day fad. 56 straight days without a day off. I’m pretty impressed by that. I’m mainly impressed that I’ve managed it so far without injury. I have the world’s weakest shins and a groin that can pull at any moment. But so far, a month and a half in, there’ve been no niggles. No aches. No pulls. At no point during the streak have I deliberately overexerted myself, and I’ve managed to find a rhythm and pace that is comfortable enough that come the next day, my legs … Continue reading Linked


June 27th 2020 Today I should have been getting ready to fly to Copenhagen. We were going to be there for what could have potentially been England’s first game of the knockout stages of the European championships. But then coronavirus cancelled the tournament, and EasyJet cancelled our flights. It was touch and go for a while. The flights were still going ahead until like a week ago, because I think technically you’re actually allowed to leave the country now. Just when you get back you have to be quarantined for 14 days. I’m not entirely sure how that’s different from … Continue reading Should


June 26th 2020 Today I was told that we’re not going back to work until September 1st. And that when we got back it will be with social distancing rules, and restrictions that will mean we can’t use the kitchens, coffee machines, or leave the building at all during the day. We’ll have to wipe down our desks three times a day, and take it in turns to walk in and out of the building. So really, we’re not going back to work at all. We’re going back to something that was never previously what work was like. Although having … Continue reading Restrictions


June 25th 2020 Today I had to wait until almost 9pm to go for my daily run. The reason for this was threefold: I was pretty hungover and needed time to recover. It was 31 degrees at midday. I had dominos for dinner and needed time to recover. It’s still about 28 degrees now, so I’m not sure I avoided the sun too well. Today was 53 consecutive days of running 5k, and today was the slowest of all 53. It took me over 30 minutes. I was tired and hungover and full of dominos okay. What it did prove, … Continue reading Threefold