June 2nd 2020

Today my new wireless mouse and keyboard arrived so my new home office set up is looking clean as fuck.

That is really satisfying for me to look at. I don’t even care that it cost me 80 bucks to replace a keyboard with a keyboard and a mouse with a mouse.

It took me some adapting to figure out how to type on the new keyboard. It’s like driving a new car and having to figure out where the bite point of the clutch is. I kept misspelling words and using commas instead of full stops.

Niether of which I’d ever do, obviously,

Sure, functionally there’s no benefit of having the new kit, but it’s just about the joy it brings me to have a deskspace that clean. There is one solitary wire which kind of has to be there because it’s the docking station that connects my work laptop to the screens, the power, and the internet.

Other than that wire, we’re, well… we’re wire-less. Wireless, you might say.

Until tomorrow, clear desk clear mind.


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