June 3rd 2020

Today my new fan arrived on the day the sun went in. It’s still fucking boiling and muggy and humid in the air, so the fan is still providing an essential service, but this has been the first day in well over a month where I haven’t seen the sun.

On my lunchtime run today the pavements were even wet from last night’s rain. I hope that this is just a short-lived change in the weather, and that we can go back to the previously schedule 25 degrees and sunny.

I kind of thought that we’d collectively signed some sort of cosmic/karmic contract with the universe wherein we agreed that we’d stay inside throughout lockdown so long as mother nature provided us with some sun. Of course, that sun turned out to be the reason that so many people broke lockdown, so maybe for that, rain is our retribution.

Yes this is a post about the weather. That’s all I’ve got to say today.

Until tomorrow, my fan is nice though.


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